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Tiger Beach Golf Links

TIGER BEACH GOLF LINKS,where the Golf Course lies,is a scenic city with lies among and about a 1-hour drive away from Qingdao,Yantai and Weihai . The Shandong has 80 million people . TIGER BEACH is one of five golf courses approved by the Government . This Course has a 2.2km Golden Beach . The Shandong Province features distinct seasonal charms all year round . The beach area has the natural scenic attractions and is amazingly similar to Scottish beach golf courses.

Commanding an extremely vast view , it is set off by the scrubs and grassland.The combination of hares , sheet , folds and desolate wooden houses on the course present an irresistible charm . Without the warm and moist breezes , it presents an optimal environment for golfing fun .

The construction of the course is under the onsite direction and supervision of Chairman Sung Kuang Man , SILPORT Groups . The energy that has been invested in the project is ineffable , and a huge feedback from the public is expected after its opening . The Chairman is very confident that in the future the course will be one of the leading golf courses in the world .

2008 Silport Group