Tiger Beach Rings in New Decade with Sunrise Party
January 1, 2010

Haiyang: Tiger Beach Golf Links members and their guests welcomed in the new decade with a memorable all-night party that lasted until sunrise at the Shandong province club.

With about 130 people attending the party, including many families and a large group of Koreans, the evening’s festivities featured a dance performance by the Tiger Beach caddies, musical chairs, a hula hoop contest, as well as a dumpling wrapping game. All the children in attendance also received a gift, while a lucky draw was also held.

The following morning after a great evening of socializing and drinking, the revelers gathered on the beach bordering Tiger Beach at 6am. With a large bonfire keeping the proceedings warm and the moon shining brightly over the Yellow Sea, the guests banged drums and launched lanterns into the sky, paying tribute to God and welcoming in the new year.

Just after 7am the sun rose, seemingly out of the sea in the southeast, as all in attendance enjoyed the special moment as 2010, the start of a decade of new beginnings and new hope, had arrived.

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