Tiger Beach Tops with Turner Broadcasting Executives
September 6-9, 2010

Haiyang: Tiger Beach had the privilege of hosting some of the region’s top CEOs when broadcasting giant Turner International Asia Pacific staged its ninth Turner Invitational Matches at the club.

When Steve Marcopoto, the Hong Kong-based managing director and president of Turner Broadcasting in Asia, designated Tiger Beach to host the biennial event, the event marked the first time many of the visitors had experienced the beauty of the Shandong coastline.

With the field made up of top executives and clients of Turner Broadcasting, home of CNN and Turner Classic Movies, among others, the event is designed to act as a bridge for expanding communication and cooperation among the participants in a relaxed environment.

The guests had plenty of time to get to know each other as the two-day event included accommodation, golf, barbeque, open bar and spectacular fireworks display to cap off a memorable party.

Avid golfer Marcopoto gave the thumbs up for Tiger Beach’s organization of the event and expressed his thanks with a letter to club owner Beta Soong. “Your entire team is amazing,” wrote the longtime American expat. “We had a great event with their support. Thank you very much.”

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